WhiteSpace Welcomes New Project Manager: Ryan Palmer

June 12, 2023
1 minute

WhiteSpace welcomes Ryan Palmer to the team, in the role of Project Manager.

Ryan comes to WhiteSpace after seven years in Building Information Modeling (BMI) Coordination where he developed a comprehensive understanding of the entire construction process, as well as a powerful mastery over CAD and similar modeling softwares.

As a CAD specialist, Ryan’s skillset is yet another arrow in the quiver of WhiteSpace’s low voltage design process, setting the consultancy apart in the commercial real estate industry.

Ryan is eager to embark on this new role, sharing:

What attracted me most to WhiteSpace was the culture. I wanted to join WhiteSpace’s growing team because of the tight-knit, family-style atmosphere. I’m also excited to pivot from building modeling into the ever-evolving technology space – where there’s always more to learn. Although I have a lot to learn in this new role, I’m armed with seven years of CAD experience to support our growing design team and create additional efficiencies to stream line our design process.

We’re excited to have you, Ryan! Now, let’s get to work.

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