Managed WiFi Is Not A Set It And Forget It Technology

July 5, 2022
2 minutes

There are a lot of questions about managed WiFi – what it is exactly, how it works, ideal use cases. Mike Smith, and a panel of industry experts, aim to clear up those questions at the upcoming Broadband Communities 2022 Summit in Houston, Texas (Wednesday, May 4).

Details below.

Broadband Communities: Managed Wi-Fi is Not a Set It and Forget It Technology

Most of the original managed Wi-Fi providers were working only in student housing, which had very specific needs. Managed Wi-Fi has changed and evolved through the years, and it is not a “set it and forget it” technology. From a broadband operator perspective, see what’s important when installing a system and managing the customers. Multifamily owners and broadband operators have different needs with regard to pricing, bulk managed Wi-Fi, OTT service, vendor platforms, ownership of wiring, etc. Attend this session to explore the service provided alongside the technology. ​


  • Mike Smith – President and CEO, White Space Building Technology Advisors ​


  • Richard Sherwin – CEO, Spot On Networks
  • Michael Strait – CCO, Blue Stream Fiber
  • Craig Walton – Lead Product Manager AT&T
  • Mike Janssen – Sr. Manager of Sales Engineering, Quantum Fiber ​

Summit Details:

  • May 2-5, 2022
  • Marriott Marquis in Houston, Texas
  • Mike Smith Moderating: Wednesday, May 4 at 9:30am-1020am CST ​


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